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About us

Peter is an electrician, Christina is a vet and we live at Ollegaarden with our two daughters. We spend a major part of our lives with our dogs training obedience, rally obedience and agility. We show our dogs regularly. We have had Belgians since 1987 but for now we are taking af break from the breed. We have had Sheltie since 2015 and in 2018 we adopted It’s All Mine Yippie Ya Yeah as our first Border Collie – a dream come true.

Christina did a PhD to study hereditary forms of epilepsy in dogs (2008-2011). . She is also a Fagdyrlæge (dedicated vet) and an IVCA certified veterinary chiropractor and finished her Master of science degree at the University of Copenhagen with specialization in small animal surgery.

Christina has completed the Danish Kennel Clubs Breeder Education to be well prepared for the big responsibility that lies on a breeder.

Our goal is to produce good healthy, working, happy and beautiful dogs that complies to the standard of the Shelties and Border Collies. We know that this is a hard job but we will do our very best.

We only rarely have litters as they are reared in the house so we really can enjoy and socialize the puppies!


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