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Adopting a puppy

Here at Ollegaarden we  have a litter only rarely so we will have time to enjoy the puppies with their mother inside the house with us. There must be good possibilities for us to socialize every puppy well – which means that we will see to that the puppy will get experiences and stimuli that makes it fit to go out into the big world when it leaves Ollegaarden after the age of 8 weeks.

We prioritize health mentally and physically very highly in our breeding but also wish for a dog that looks like a Belgian Shepherd and a dog that wants to work.

The first 3 weeks of the puppies lives are spent mainly with their mother. They need the confidence, warmth and calmness that only the bitch can give them. In this period they don´t need to be carried around or to be exposed to other stimuli than those she can give to them.

The following 5 weeks of the puppies lives her on Ollegaarden demands much more of their environments. This is the period where they need experiences, touches, sounds and in general to get accustomed to people. They need to get acquainted with all the odd things that are a part of a humans everyday life. That is also why this is the period where the new mum or dad should come visit the puppies. This is also the period where the puppies will go on expeditions and get experiences.

The puppies grow up here in our house with our two children who are very familiar with dogs and generally very fond of animals. This assures that the puppies are very well adapted to children and the puppies that went out into the big world from our O  and Q litters are generally still very fond of and familiar with children.

All puppies are wonderful, and you can become particurlarly fond of a speciel puppy already when it is very young. In this relation you have to remember that the puppies change a lot around the 7th week of age and this is why you have to wait choosing until after the change.

Around 7½ weeks of age the puppies will be tested by a puppytester and there will be made a written profile on every single puppy in the litter. This is a good tool to choose the right puppy to the right person/family.

The puppytest tells something about the puppys mentality but it gives no guarantees for the development of the puppy in the future. It can be a tool to tell the new owner which caracters of the puppy he/she should work with.

At Ollegaarden the health of the dogs is very highly prioritated. We of course only breed on mentally and physically healthy dogs. The bitches are regurlarly vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirose and Rabies. This will give the puppies a good and solid amount of antibodies through the milk of the bitch and this should give them a good protection again the above mentioned diseases until they get their own vaccinations.

Our dogs are fed with high quality food with full documentation for the contents. We use Royal Canins prima food line to ensure the optimal growth and maintenance of our dogs.

Prior to the birth the bitch will be treated again intestinal worms and during the puppies growth they typically will recieve deworming 2-3 times here.

All puppies will be chipped with EU approved chips. We think that this is the most gentle way of marking them and also the most safe type of future ID for the dog.

The puppies from Ollegaarden are sold with a contract of sale from the Danish Kennel Club. This is to ensure the best security when buying a new family member.

When we hand over the puppy it is accompanied by:

  • The puppys personal folder
  • A DKK (FCI) pedigree
  • Sales contract – DKK
  • Information about feeding and appropriate care
  • A written statement of the puppy behaviour test that is performed at 7 weeks of age
  • Same type of food as is used to here at Ollegaarden
  • All Shelties will be eye-examined by a specialist at 7 weeks of age
  • All puppies will have a thorough chiropractic examination and health check including vaccination prior to leaving for their new homes


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